Jewel Tones

September 1, 2017

Although white and beige will always be classics, those rich jewel tones will be making another appearance this Fall 2017. Jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, midnight blue and amber, will be appearing in homes, fashion and apparel. We’re quite happy to hear that, as we enjoy the depth of these tones. With the association of these colours with such words as, royal and luxury. Jewel Tones have the power to instantly give any space a punch of elegant character.
Perhaps steaming from Pantone’s Colour of the year - Greenery and Benjamin Moores’s colour of the year - Shadow. Encouraging various shades of green and deep eggplant purple. With these two colours starting off the year, it was sure that the remaining jewel tone family would follow.

Selecting a jewel tone for a room would be great in either a couch, curtains, a rug or wall paint. Don’t be afraid to go with a jewel tone for a large element of a space (or more than one!). These colours allow a great transition from eccentric to cozy and warm. They have the ability to mould to the mood of the space. Which as life comes with many different moods, isn’t that the ideal colour choice for a home?