BoY Awards 2017 - Ancient Doors

October 1, 2017

Every fall for the last few years we have submitted at least one design to the Best of Year (BoY) Awards. The BoY awards are hosted by the Interior Design publication, website and events company. The awards honour recent work from the year by recognizing designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the world. This year we chose to submit our Ancient Doors design.

Ancient Doors has been handcrafted in Nepal by our talented artisans through every step of the design and manufacturing process. This carpet has been made with 100% hand-carded and hand-spun Himalayan Sheep wool. Woven in our Vaara Collection weaving style, creating a high density of knots which allows for smooth gradation of colours and intense detail. The wool has been dyed with eco-friendly certified dyes and washed with the most sustainable practise.  

Ancient Doors was inspired by a visit to Fork York, a national historic site of military fortifications and related buildings, located in downtown Toronto. There was a wooden and metal lock gate that grabbed the attention of our designer. The texture from the wood grain has been translated into the design. The soft grey and blue undertone palette, contrasts with the rough texture and dark colour of the wood and metal knobs from the Fort York gate. The blend of tones in this carpet allow for the dominant colour to vary from grey to blue, even purple depending on what colours it is paired with.

Voting is live on the Interior Design Best of Year voting site from October 5 - 16, 2017. 

Make sure to check out the site and vote for your favourite!