Aria Collection

December 1, 2017

Our Aria Collection is handcrafted with our 100% premium Zee Silk, that has been hand-processed in our own facilities in Thailand. The hand-reeling of the Zee Silk allows for the sericin to be preserved, this is the protein that coats the silk fibres. This luxurious Collection has a shag-like texture, and is everything that is chic.

This texture was inspired by the scales of a butterfly as seen underneath a microscope. The tiny rows of feather-like petals that cover a butterfly, create a beautiful pattern which is reflected in this weaving style.

Our standard pile height for this Collection is 1/2 an inch, however can be customized to be longer or shorter depending on one's preference. This weaving style has been refined so that the pile lays in one consistent direction.


An ancient resist tie-dye method was used in the creation of this Collection, called Mudmi. Dyed with environmentally friendly dyes to create this soothing colour palette. The subtle changes in tones capture the butterfly’s shimmery essence. Mudmi requires meticulous craftsmanship, as the processes is quite lengthly. However the results are certainly worth the time.