We understand that it can be challenging to envision a carpet in your space. Sometimes something that we think wouldn’t match with a room, ends up being the piece that pulls everything together. Therefore we offer loans of our full size rugs, as well as samples and colour pom-poms, this way you can try out designs or colours in your space. We offer one-on-one consolations with our team and are happy to meet you whether it be at your office, coffee place, your house or your client’s place.


Amala Carpets is honoured to be chosen by designers and artists for many of their projects. Feel free to contact us about our rental carpets that are available for home stagings, photo shoots, special events, showrooms, presentation galleries, theatre and movie productions, etc.


We love to share our story, our knowledge of the art of carpet making and the processing of the raw materials that we use. Please contact us if you are interested in booking a presentation from our team, wither for your own design team or for your client, we can help them to learn how to identify different kinds of fibres, and the properties of a high quality luxury carpet.

Professors and teachers interested in Amala Carpets presenting for their classrooms, please book your appointments at least 3 weeks in advance and make sure to note the size of the classroom (number of students) in your email.