About Us


D. Shrestha, early 1970s

Amala Carpets was founded by the Shrestha family. With a foundation of six generations of wool producers and handmade carpet manufacturers, the Shrestha family have an established connection with every aspect of the rug design and crafting process. By combining their knowledge and personal experiences of the 200-year-old rug crafting techniques, Amala Carpets was formed.

Amala Carpets Showroom, 990 Roselawn Ave. M6B 1C1, Toronto 

All of our rugs are manufactured in our own Amala Carpets’ facilities in Nepal and Thailand. Our rugs are handcrafted in every step of the creation process, from hand carded Himalayan sheep wool to the mixing of vegetable or eco-friendly dyes and hand-knotting of every piece. Each rug has been treated with a high attention to detail.

Our environmental sustainability and social programs have captured international recognition, however we continue to work on ways to minimize our impact. Weavers and their families have access to quality medical and dental healthcare, pure filtered drinking water and housing. We also provide educational opportunities for children and young adults. We recognize the importance of maintaining a high level of respect and consciousness for our craftspeople and our environment, as we believe that no piece would hold the same high quality if they were not.