Creating a Custom Rug

February 1st, 2017 



 The search for the “perfect rug” can sometimes feel discouraging, then perhaps having a rug made specially for you is the right path to take.
For those of you who were able to join us at the Toronto Interior Design show over the weekend of January 19th - 22nd then perhaps, you visited our booth and learned a little bit about our custom rug order process.

We’ve put together a few helpful questions and thoughts to consider when creating your custom rug. A rug is a great piece to have in any space, it can be used to bond a space together and create a sense of warmth.

Honeycomb - Gold / 7'7" x 10' / 100% Zee Silk / Vaara Collection

Colour and Design

What are the feelings that you wish to evoke from this space? Think about the activities you wish to do in this space. For example, is this a space that you would like to have for yourself to unwind after a long day, sit with a good book or perhaps it’s a space you would like to invite friends for a sociable evening. Or maybe this is somewhere that you would like to be versatile and appropriate for multiple occasions? Choose a colour palette that corresponds with these ideas.

What other dominant colours are going to be used in your space? Would you like for your rug to be a subtle component and pull a space together? Or would you like it to pop out and be a central focus?

Something to consider when choosing the design of your rug is for example, how might your design be effected if furniture is covering a portion of it? If you have a lot of furniture that will be placed on the rug, then perhaps a solid colour, done in a textural weave or a subtle design might be best.


Sizing and Arrangement 

The size of the space where the rug is going to go. How much space would you like to have from the wall to the rug? An average of 18 inches distance from a rug to a wall is a popular choice. If the space is quite large then perhaps add a few more inches and minus a few for a smaller space.

Would you like the furniture to be placed on top of the rug, partly on the rug or surrounding the rug? Of course the positioning of your furniture on your rug is influenced by the size of the rug you choose and the space available. However placing a portion of furniture onto the rug can help to unify an area.

Putali / 8' x 8' / 100% Himalayan Sheep Wool / Core Collection 

It is important to consider and embrace the possibilities of custom rug design, the satisfying process of having a piece designed and catered for your space, by you.