Spring Clean

May 1, 2017



With the arrival of May it is pretty safe to say that spring has arrived. New life is budding all around us, the ground and the trees are becoming alive with florals and greenery. 

Eager to put the long winter behind us, we often feel inspired to do some serious cleaning this time of year. If you’ve got rugs in your home than here are three tips for your annual spring clean.


1. Switch it up 

It is a good idea to rotate your carpet. Over time the amount of sunlight that a carpet is exposed to can cause certain areas to fade. Furniture placement on the carpet can block the sunlight and in turn cause uneven discolouration. The sun is powerful and no matter how strong the dyes in your carpet are, they are likely to fade from sun exposure over time. Carpet rotation allows for a more even distribution of sunlight. Another plus for rotating your carpet is that any reaction from foot traffic is spread out. 


2. Vacuum top and bottom 

This one might not be such a surprise. Hopefully you haven’t gone all winter without vacuuming your carpets! Carpets should be vacuumed about twice a month. It is a good idea to vacuum the top and bottom of your carpet, especially if it is made of wool, as dust can be caught in air pockets. 


3.Give it some fresh air

Although you might frequently vacuum your carpets (we certainly hope you do!) It is also a good idea to remove your carpet from your space and clean the floor underneath. It may seem strenuous but it is worth it to keep your carpet in good condition and even help to maintain the flooring underneath. Dust can get caught underneath the carpet and if there is any sort of moisture, this would allow for it to dry. If you’re able to, hang your carpet outside for the afternoon to air it out. 


If you have any tips or suggestions of your own - we would love to hear them!