May 1st, 2018 


The trend of metallic and copper tones from 2017 have continued on into 2018. With this being said, we would like to focus on our Golo-Golo design. Golo-Golo is a beautiful all over design of shimmery and metallic circular motifs, that are created by combining Himalayan Sheep wool and metallic fibres.


Metallic accents in home accessories can be seen in subtile touches to statement pieces. There is something especially exciting about having them woven into a rug that will be placed on the floor. As opposed to other soft home furnishings such as pillows and blankets that may have metallic thread stitched in. 


Golo-Golo was inspired by metallic bangle bracelets that are worn by traditional Indian dancers. This design has a combination of subtle metallic accents and a rich soft beige colour created in Himalayan Sheep wool. The all over design of bangles depicts movement, you can almost picture the dancers arms moving up, down and around in motion, in a blur of metallic jewelry and shimmery fabrics. 


Golo-Golo / Himalayan sheep wool & Metallic thread

 Vaara Collection / 8' x 10' 

Close-up details of Golo-Golo.


Within the interior design industry, we are all constantly exploring new ways to incorporate current trends, classic styles and personal preferences. Our Golo-Golo design is something that for us, combines all three of these aspects.