Zee Silk

 December 1st, 2016 

Zee Silk is a unique silk fibre produced by hand only in Amala Carpets’ facilities located in Thailand. Setting this silk apart from other silk fibres is the hand-processing techniques used to create this highly durable and luminous silk. Zee Silk is obtained by the time-consuming method of reeling the silk cocoon by cocoon exclusively by hand. As it is such a meticulous process, only a limited amount of Zee Silk is produced each year, meaning that only a small number of these exclusive rugs are annually available. 


Silkworm Cocoons


Raw Silk Spinning 


Eliminating any machine processing methods, results in the silk fibres maintaining a high level of sericin. Sericin is the outer protein layer found on silk fibres which gives it strength, durability, softness, and flexibility.


Zee Silk after being washed 


Zee Silk is hand washed in a bath of tropical fruits that are local to the area and placed in the sunshine to dry. We do not sure any detergents or drying machines, as these can be harmful to the fibre, causing it to weaken. Avoiding the use of detergents allows for the silk to maintain it’s natural properties and supports a healthy environment for our weavers. This also ensures that no pollutants are released into the soil or waterways of the farming community where the rugs are produced.


Zee Silk




Our talented team of weavers at our Thailand facility consist mainly of women, encouraging local female empowerment. At the final stage of processing Zee Silk we are left with a beautifully soft, high quality silk fibre ready to be woven into a luxurious durable rug. Making every hand processing step truly worth it.