June 01, 2018


The process of creating our Shambala design began with drawings done by hand. Inspired by the luscious and bountiful illusive Shambala kingdom, located in the mountains of the Himalayas.

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May 01, 2018


The trend of metallic and copper tones from 2017 have continued on into 2018. With this being said, we would like to focus on our Golo-Golo design. Golo-Golo is a beautiful all over design of shimmery and metallic circular motifs, that are created by combining Himalayan Sheep wool and metallic fibres.

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April 02, 2018

Our Hand-processed Himalayan Sheep Wool

The transformation that takes place during the hand-processing of wool is quite amazing. As most of us already know, wool originates most commonly from sheep, or goats. The wool is harvested from the animal by sheering, and often has small sticks and leaves mixed within it. Our wool comes from sheep living in the Himalayas.

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March 01, 2018


March 1, 2018


Splash is one of our newest designs, the inspiration behind it may be quite obvious by the title.  It has been inspired by the ripples created in water when something breaks the surface.


Inspiration from the small notions and details found in nature are the bases for many of our designs. Patterns in nature are all around us and are sometimes easy to over look. It is important sometimes to spend time allowing yourself to observe the not always obvious patterns that surround us.


Splash - Beige - 10' x 14' - Himalayan Sheep Wool - Vaara Collection


Splash - Grey - 10' x 14' - Himalayan Sheep Wool - Vaara Collection


Does this design appear calm to you or does it feel like a swirl of fast movements? The use of direction in this design, creates movement. It can be perceived as rapid movements in water, perhaps in a tidal wave. What makes us interpret designs differently from each another? Do we channel our own feelings and emotions into artwork in order to relate to it? We most likely do, it is human nature to want to relate and to understand things.


Splash has been created in beige and grey. Made with 100% Himalayan Sheep wool that has been hand-carded and hand-spun. Within this design we also find a connection between the the inspiration and the making process. The ripples representing the steps taken to create the rug, each one pushing the next step to happen, sourced from one central form of energy.


Try and experiment, cover the design title and ask a friend, what does this resemble to you?


February 02, 2018

The Space Between - TODO

February 2018


January was full of so many great design events in the city of Toronto, it’s an inspiring way to start 2018 and help get us through one to the coldest times of the year.


We hope that you had a chance to see some of the fantastic work exhibited during Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TODO). One our favourite exhibits from this festival was the The Space Between by IBI Group. This was an intricate fibre exhibit that was installed in the lobby of 55 St. Clair West. Using GPS travel data to inspire a thoughtful display of the distances traveled in an urban city by it’s dwellers, the spaces we travel between destinations with public transport or merely with our own two feet. 


If you missed this exhibit, a few snap shots we took of it are below. The photos don’t quite do the size and length of the yarn justice.




Please visit the link below for more information. 



We would love to hear what you’re favourite part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival was!
January 04, 2018

Ultra Violet

January 1, 2018 


As we begin the new year and reflect on 2017, we often tend to ask ourselves, what’s next? We all know that Greenery dominated 2017, but nothing stays the same forever and that can certainly be said for interior and design trends. Pantone annually gives us a node in the direction for the colour forecast of the year. This year Pantone has announced their colour pick for 2018 is Ultra Violet. 



I’m sure we can say that we were not the only ones to be a little bit surprised by the choice, but after reading from Pantone the inspiration behind it and taking a bit of time to think about it. We’re quite excited! Purple certainly doesn’t fall under a safe category of colours. It’s a colour that almost in every shade and tone has a strong character. It will be interesting to see how this colour is used throughout the year, perhaps pushing people out of their comfort zone. Wither it is used as an accent or statement in a space, one thing is for sure, that it will be seen. 

Purple has been known to be associated with things such as magic, creativity and imagination. When you think about the inspiration from Greenery, being to connect with nature and to be conscious of our own wellness within us and surrounding us. Ultra violet focuses on encouraging our personal creativity and imagination, remembering to nature our creative souls and individuality. These two colours connect together with their inspiration but also by their tones.

We hope that Ultra Violet encourages those around it to tap into their creative side and use their imagination.

We wish everyone a wonderful New Year and can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!
December 01, 2017

Aria Collection

December 1, 2017

Our Aria Collection is handcrafted with our 100% premium Zee Silk, that has been hand-processed in our own facilities in Thailand. The hand-reeling of the Zee Silk allows for the sericin to be preserved, this is the protein that coats the silk fibres. This luxurious Collection has a shag-like texture, and is everything that is chic.

This texture was inspired by the scales of a butterfly as seen underneath a microscope. The tiny rows of feather-like petals that cover a butterfly, create a beautiful pattern which is reflected in this weaving style.

Our standard pile height for this Collection is 1/2 an inch, however can be customized to be longer or shorter depending on one's preference. This weaving style has been refined so that the pile lays in one consistent direction.


An ancient resist tie-dye method was used in the creation of this Collection, called Mudmi. Dyed with environmentally friendly dyes to create this soothing colour palette. The subtle changes in tones capture the butterfly’s shimmery essence. Mudmi requires meticulous craftsmanship, as the processes is quite lengthly. However the results are certainly worth the time.

November 01, 2017

Think Pink

November 1, 2017

Millennial pink, blush pink, rose quartz and pale dogwood, whichever one is more familiar to you, we’re sure you’ll agree that pink is in.

Pantone's Spring Fashion colour report of 2017 included pale dogwood, recognized as a peaceful and tranquil subtle pink. 

These tones of pink are endearing and calming, they add a touch of sophistication to a space. They work as great naturals to add to most colour palettes. These pinks look great paired with black, grey, blue, white and metallics. 

We pulled a few images together along side colour palettes made with our wool colour pompoms, each with one of these subtle pinks.


1. Greenery, grey, white and copper - the pink pulls all these colours together and adds some life into the palette - such a dreamy kitchen!


2. Black and grey - adding some light pink with this gorgeous door, adds sophistication and creates an inviting space.


3. Slate teal, grey, black and white - adding some soft pink adds some warmth to this moody room - the bed looks so cozy!


We wonder what will be the colour trends for 2018 and what colours will continue to have a strong 
presence. With only two months left of 2017, it won't be long until we find out!
October 01, 2017

BoY Awards 2017 - Ancient Doors

October 1, 2017

Every fall for the last few years we have submitted at least one design to the Best of Year (BoY) Awards. The BoY awards are hosted by the Interior Design publication, website and events company. The awards honour recent work from the year by recognizing designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the world. This year we chose to submit our Ancient Doors design.

Ancient Doors has been handcrafted in Nepal by our talented artisans through every step of the design and manufacturing process. This carpet has been made with 100% hand-carded and hand-spun Himalayan Sheep wool. Woven in our Vaara Collection weaving style, creating a high density of knots which allows for smooth gradation of colours and intense detail. The wool has been dyed with eco-friendly certified dyes and washed with the most sustainable practise.  

Ancient Doors was inspired by a visit to Fork York, a national historic site of military fortifications and related buildings, located in downtown Toronto. There was a wooden and metal lock gate that grabbed the attention of our designer. The texture from the wood grain has been translated into the design. The soft grey and blue undertone palette, contrasts with the rough texture and dark colour of the wood and metal knobs from the Fort York gate. The blend of tones in this carpet allow for the dominant colour to vary from grey to blue, even purple depending on what colours it is paired with.

Voting is live on the Interior Design Best of Year voting site from October 5 - 16, 2017. 

Make sure to check out the site and vote for your favourite!
September 01, 2017

Jewel Tones

September 1, 2017

Although white and beige will always be classics, those rich jewel tones will be making another appearance this Fall 2017. Jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, midnight blue and amber, will be appearing in homes, fashion and apparel. We’re quite happy to hear that, as we enjoy the depth of these tones. With the association of these colours with such words as, royal and luxury. Jewel Tones have the power to instantly give any space a punch of elegant character.
Perhaps steaming from Pantone’s Colour of the year - Greenery and Benjamin Moores’s colour of the year - Shadow. Encouraging various shades of green and deep eggplant purple. With these two colours starting off the year, it was sure that the remaining jewel tone family would follow.

Selecting a jewel tone for a room would be great in either a couch, curtains, a rug or wall paint. Don’t be afraid to go with a jewel tone for a large element of a space (or more than one!). These colours allow a great transition from eccentric to cozy and warm. They have the ability to mould to the mood of the space. Which as life comes with many different moods, isn’t that the ideal colour choice for a home?