March 1, 2018


Splash is one of our newest designs, the inspiration behind it may be quite obvious by the title.  It has been inspired by the ripples created in water when something breaks the surface.


Inspiration from the small notions and details found in nature are the bases for many of our designs. Patterns in nature are all around us and are sometimes easy to over look. It is important sometimes to spend time allowing yourself to observe the not always obvious patterns that surround us.


Splash - Beige - 10' x 14' - Himalayan Sheep Wool - Vaara Collection


Splash - Grey - 10' x 14' - Himalayan Sheep Wool - Vaara Collection


Does this design appear calm to you or does it feel like a swirl of fast movements? The use of direction in this design, creates movement. It can be perceived as rapid movements in water, perhaps in a tidal wave. What makes us interpret designs differently from each another? Do we channel our own feelings and emotions into artwork in order to relate to it? We most likely do, it is human nature to want to relate and to understand things.


Splash has been created in beige and grey. Made with 100% Himalayan Sheep wool that has been hand-carded and hand-spun. Within this design we also find a connection between the the inspiration and the making process. The ripples representing the steps taken to create the rug, each one pushing the next step to happen, sourced from one central form of energy.


Try and experiment, cover the design title and ask a friend, what does this resemble to you?