The Space Between - TODO

February 2018


January was full of so many great design events in the city of Toronto, it’s an inspiring way to start 2018 and help get us through one to the coldest times of the year.


We hope that you had a chance to see some of the fantastic work exhibited during Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TODO). One our favourite exhibits from this festival was the The Space Between by IBI Group. This was an intricate fibre exhibit that was installed in the lobby of 55 St. Clair West. Using GPS travel data to inspire a thoughtful display of the distances traveled in an urban city by it’s dwellers, the spaces we travel between destinations with public transport or merely with our own two feet. 


If you missed this exhibit, a few snap shots we took of it are below. The photos don’t quite do the size and length of the yarn justice.




Please visit the link below for more information. 


We would love to hear what you’re favourite part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival was!