The process of creating our Shambala design began with drawings done by hand. Inspired by the luscious and bountiful illusive Shambala kingdom, located in the mountains of the Himalayas.


Shambala has been made with Himalayan sheep wool that has been hand-carded and hand-spun. The wool has been dyed with natural dyes from madder, saffron, tea, indigo and lac. The vibrant colours created by these natural dyes combined with the painterly feel of the design, creates a rug that truly represents paradise.



During the possessing of the wool, it is washed in highly efficient steam boilers, custom designed so that they don’t use any firewood. This helps to avoid any smoke pollution, as well as eliminate the need for lumber and cutting down trees.


Shambhala (Shambala) is a Sanskrit term meaning place of peace, tranquility and happiness. These are feelings that are evoked through this design. Shambhala is also said to be a mythical kingdom that appears in early Kalachakra Buddhist texts. This kingdom is known to be the land of tranquility and all of the citizens have achieved enlightenment.



Through the careful hand-processing techniques used to create Shamblala, the natural materials used and the environmentally conscious processes, this rug represents the meaning of peace, harmony and paradise.