Furniture Dents and Ice Cubes

August 1, 2017

Recently while doing some online research on rug tips, we discovered that there are multiple recommendations suggesting that ice cubes are a good way to help remove furniture dents from rugs. We thought that no better way to test this theory, then to try it ourselves!

We were in the mist of changing up the rugs under our desks in the showroom, so it was the perfect time to figure out how to get rid of those furniture dents. 

We placed one ice cube on each dent, and then we waited.

As the ice cube started to melt, the wool gradually absorbed the water. 

Once the ice cube completely melted, the area became quite damp. We left the water to soak on the rug over night and when we returned the next day, the fibres were dry and had lifted, the dents were gone!

The fibres in one spot needed to be gently ruffled to return back to their original state, but the other areas already blended back in with the rest of the rug. 
An ice cube works well as the slow release of water, allows for the wool fibres to throughly absorb it. Wool fibres, specially those that have been hand-processed, maintain a natural waxy coating called lanolin, that helps to repel moisture. The fibres react to the the moisture and through drying become released and expand, joining the surrounding pile height of the rest of the rug. Always ensure that the rug has completely dried after this process.

We are always looking for new tips and suggestions, feel free to share any of yours!