4 Rugs, 4 Cottage Styles

July 1, 2017 

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!


With celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday this month, we thought what better to focus on then one of Canadians favourite places to be - at the cottage!


We have put together below four different cottage styles paired with four different rugs.

For the French Country cottage, we chose our Schnee rug. This rug has a blend of flat-weave and a pile creating some welcoming texture. Done in a 100% Wool and in natural cream, adding the sophistication needed to be part of a French Country decor scheme.

The cottage is a space to relax and unwind, to separate oneself from any stresses after long work week. Although it is often a place to reconnect with nature, that doesn’t mean that your decor has to be quiet or traditional. We created this Modern Cottage look with our 100% wool Reflections rug (maybe this reminds you of the lake by the cottage?!) and paired it with a few pieces to create a modern yet relaxing atmosphere.

Our Waves 100% Wool flat-weave rug gives off that perfect beach cottage vibe, the name of the design sort of sums it up!

The Classic Canadian cottage decor, wouldn’t feel quite right without something plaid! There’s always a rustic feel to a classic canadian cottage, we tend to think of earthy tones and exposed natural materials. We’ve paired our Yakpo rug made with 100% Allo (Nettle Fibre - you can read about that in Allo, not Aloe!) with a few pieces that we felt said Canadian cottage, but with a little modern twist.

We hope that however you celebrate this Canada Day that you have a wonderful and safe time! We would love to hear about what your favourite cottage style is, so feel free to comment below!

Ps. The products used in our cottage schemes can be found using the following links: structube.com, allmodern.com, blackroosterdecor.com and cb2.com

If there is any issue with the display of these products, please contact us and we will kindly remove or edit this post.