We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality handmade carpets, while improving the lives of our artisans and customers alike



hand dyeing of wool for weaving rugs in Nepal
Hand dyeing

Our exclusively supplied Highland sheep wool, prized for its long staple length, micron fiber and lanolin-rich character are meticulously hand carded to raw perfection. This contributes to the superior quality of our carpets. Fine wools together with our innovative methods for perfecting ancient, vegetal-dye techniques express a highly desirable and diverse colour palette.




hand finishing of area rug for Amala Carpets
Carpet finishing


Thousands of farmers, sheepherders, villagers and artisans are involved in the making of our carpets and natural dyes – a painstaking, manual process that requires patience, skill, agility and careful attention to detail. This process takes time but the results are carpets that will be cherished for their enduring quality and beauty for many generations to come.

Vibrant wools