Star | Zee Silk

by: Zee Silk by Amala Carpets

  • Inspired by butterfly wings, we were captivated by their natural stunning colour palettes and designs, but most importantly by what we saw under the microscope. The wings of the butterfly and its body were covered in shingle like scales that were neatly and delicately organized in rows. These tiny, pigmented scales painted the wings in iridescent and metallic hues. Instantly, we fell in love with these organized scales and the amazing texture they created. We were then inspired and challenged to transform this pattern onto our handmade carpet textures. 

    For this project, we chose the organic Zee silk, which is ultra-soft, flexbile, hand-reeled and very durable material. After numerous attempts of mix-matching different types of dyeing & weaving techniques, Star's Aria weave was finally conceived. This weave successfully replicated the butterfly’s scales. And, just like their wings, our Star rug can also create shimmer by bending and reflecting light under direct sunlight. The carpet has also resulted in an extremely fine texture.

    These carpets are all handmade from start to finish by a team of empowered women in rural Thailand. And this has also been one of our greatest accomplishments while creating Aria Collection of timeless excellence.

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    1. 6' by 9',
      100% Hand-carded Organic Zee Silk
      Handmade in Thailand

      Custom size and colour available

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    2. Amala Carpets specializes in custom creations. All of our carpets can be created in different sizes and colours.

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