Sample 67469 Loan

by: Amala Carpets Samples

  • 1 ft by 7 in, Soumac Weave
    100% Allo (Nettle Fibres)
    Handmade in Nepal
    Braided - Soumac design
    Custom size and colour available
    1. Amala Carpets specializes in custom creations. All of our carpets can be created in different sizes and colours. Here's an example of what the retail pricing would be in some standard sizes:

      3' by 6': $810

      3' by 10': $1,350

      6' by 9': $2,430

      8' by 10': $3,600

      9' by 12': $4,860

      10' by 14: $6,300

      Click here to order a custom version of this carpet

    2. This carpet sample will be given on loan for a period that shall not exceed 21 days after its delivery. After this period you should arrange for the return of the samples back to us or contact us for special arrangements.

      This sample will be delivered in approximately 2-5 business days.

      At Amala Carpets we are excited to be able to offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas.

      Other Canadian and/or international shipping is subject to our convenient flat rates.

      More details on our shipping policy here

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